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Client Testimonials

Soundproofing, Mrs T, Tamworth


I am happy to report back the vast difference the TPS65 has made to our party wall in the lounge, dining room, and upstairs passageway. There is virtually no noise to date coming through these walls. This has made a significant change in our daily living.

If next door do decide to have one of their regular ‘domestics’ it can only be heard in the kitchen downstairs now. However if we close the kitchen door, which is only a standard glazed door from Wickes; we can only hear a faint mumble of voices through the dining room and lounge wall. This is only audible too, without any background or white noise sound in our house at the same time. So this product has clearly worked for us.

To date there has been no noise coming through the passageway upstairs. We are still sleeping in the middle bedroom adjacent to the passageway. We are however sleeping much better now, due to not being awoken with next doors noise, late at night or early in the morning.

Thank you again, and to your team. I would be quite happy to be used as a reference in future if you should need us to.

Mrs T in Tamworth.