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Client Testimonials

Soundproofing in Warwickshire


We cannot say enough about this company. It was a true “find”, and they have done excellent work to make our home in Warwickshire a large bit more peaceful and more relaxing.

So far, our house is much quieter and, though Jim Prior told us to take stock the next few weeks, we can already tell that it is a much calmer place. Since the last folks from Quietco left a few days ago, it has been hard to know if our neighbours are home or not. That was not the case previously as we were always aware of what they were doing at any moment. All of that is much, much diminished and mostly isn’t noticeable unless we are really straining to hear.

So, we believe this will have been a good investment in peace and sanity here.

However, we can’t leave a review about them without mentioning the absolute sterling performance by all of the folks who came to our house to work. As one might appreciate, this is a big decision, not only financially but also because you are opening your home for an extended period of time to a group of people you have never met. It can make one anxious.

But, within the first hour of the arrival of Sam and Daz, our anxieties were allayed. They set the tone for the next several weeks. No matter who was in our house-Craig, Donnie, Andrew, Jimmy, Tom, Daz and Sam- all respected and acknowledged that this was our sanctuary and conducted themselves accordingly. The work they did was absolutely first quality, and they did it in such a way as to minimise the impact it would have on our daily lives (ensuring, for example that our stairs wouldn’t be blocked all day and that we’d have access to the living space after they left). Each day, we received a text so that we knew when they’d be arriving…what a terrific little courtesy-that is somewhat rare, in my opinion, with this type of work. End-of-day cleanup was meticulous, and though things were rearranged we didn’t feel as if we were living in a demolition zone. They didn’t just down tools and head out at 4, they wouldn’t leave until all was in order for the evening. It’s what we came to understand were Quietco extras that come with the service of this great team.

They were considerate, polite, helpful, explained all that they did, and, this is very important, approached their work as a fine craft. Whatever the task at hand, each approached it with an eye to getting an end result that was as close to perfect as possible. Now, when we look at the work they did, we can’t help but think that they left the place better than they found it. And, there was never a moment of worry when any of the team were here. Several times, one or both of us went out to do errands or attend to things while they were alone in the house. They quickly earned our trust and admiration. That’s because they all operated within what I now think of as the Quietco philosophy or ethic.

Highly recommended. No reservations or caveats. And, that, is rare.

Joseph, Warwickshire