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Client Testimonials

Soundproofing from noisy neighbours, Smethwick


The service level we have experienced is the best I’ve ever experienced.

“Making the decision to get professional soundproofing was a big financial decision for us to make. 

After moving from flat where neighbour below played heavy bass whilst we had to work from home due to Covid we then moved to terrace house where neighbours tv was mounted to the party wall chimney and occasional very loud music from bedroom that you could hear in every room. Having our living room soundproofed so we can have just one room that we knew we can have more quiet and feel some level of privacy was something I believed was worth trying.

The Quietco experience and customer service has been brilliant, any fear of being pressured in to making a quick decision about a high quality service didn’t exist. From having a quick call to then speaking to Matt and then having consultation with Jim, I never felt any pressure to commit to anything, after my consultation with Jim I believe it was a few weeks before we then contacted him to say we would like the works done.

The service level we have experienced is the best I’ve ever experienced. We were lucky in some ways as newly moving in to house we were doing up, that having our living room soundproofed coincided with us wanting to redecorate but features we liked like our fireplaces they insured would be put pack how it was before. Say if we wanted an extra plug this was absolutely no problem. Considering we were having our walls, ceilings and floors changed and then replastered I didn’t find the works being done at all stressful, everything was coordinated and organised for me such as the electricians, plumbers, carpet fitters and plasterers. I simply let people in at the beginning of the day who were friendly and very efficient and at the end of the day everything was tidied away.

Hearing loud and consistent noise from neighbours has really left me very sensistive to intrusive sounds, and sound proofing was an investment that we made for home which no one would be able to even notice. I can 100% say I have no regrets with our decision, even though we knew there was no guarantee about the exact result there is a difference. Seeing the layers and quality of the material go up I feel reasurred that Quietco are experts at what they do and the techniques used are better than anything I’ve seen when I exploring all our options for soundproofing.”