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Client Testimonials

Laura, Leicestershire


Quietco gave us our lives back!!

We brought our first home, the house we thought we could live in forever in August 2020. Soon after moving in we realised how much noise was transmitted through from next door. Our neighbours had 3 children and a badly behaved dog. The banging, screaming and shouting became unbearable, we moved out of the master bedroom into the smaller back room and very very rarely used out living room. We could make out conversations, what TV show they were watching and who was in which room of their house. The noise was absolutely unbearable and they would leave their large dog to bark for hours. After several attempts at polite conversations and even the local council intervention, we realised our neighbours did not care and would intentionally bang on the walls and scream to provoke us. We looked into moving but could not afford anything similar in the area.

So that is where quietco came in.

Jim came and looked at the house and highlighted the areas that needed the sound proofing. His team arrived within a few weeks and got started. They found holes in our suspended floor that required 6 bricks to fill in! From start to finish Jim’s team were absolutely incredible! So clean, tidy and courtious! If it wasn’t for the progress in the sound proofing each day you would not have thought they had been there as everything was imacculate. Sam and Daz are an absolute asset to the company!

Since the day they left we have been able to use our living room every day. We can no longer hear conversations or their television, the banging is almost non existant and we can’t even tell if the neighbours are in our out! Quietco truly transformed our lives.

I was reading testimonials, debating whether to take the risk or just sell our house and move back with parents. I read a testimonial that said “if you are debating whether to do it or not, just do it!” so to anyone reading this… Do it!! You will truley not be disappointed! I thought the reviews were too good to be true but they aren’t, I haven’t seen one negative review and on a follow up conversation with Jim, I couldn’t find a single negative about our experience either!

Quietco is one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of working with and my mental health and happiness has improved tenfold since our soundproofing journey! It took me a few weeks to stop listening for the noise but I soon realised the noise was non existant and now I live happily in the home that I once dreaded to be in.

Thank you Quietco!!!