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Client Testimonials

Lounge and bedroom soundproofed, Andy & Jo


The soundproofing has made a massive difference to our lives already, Jo and I were watching 24 last night till after 11pm at a much higher volume than we ever used to. In fact previously we would hardly ever watch something like 24 or an action film late at night as I would have to have it so quiet it would spoil the enjoyment of it, particularly for Jo as her hearing doesn’t seem to be as sensitive as mine. And we’d also usually be able to hear the neighbours talking or shouting at the dog or banging around which obviously also ruins the enjoyment of it. I also no longer have that feeling of dread about what noise might be in store for us during the evenings (and early hours of the morning at weekends).

And even though we can still hear the dog barking when there isn’t much background noise, it isn’t so often that it becomes annoying and it’s nowhere near as loud as it was before anyway. So we’d like to say a big thank you to you and the team as we’re very happy with the job you’ve done for us, and the fact you got it all done within a week to minimise the disruption was a big bonus.

Andy & Jo