Soundproof Studios

Quietco’s unique ‘room within a room’ soundproofing solution that provides a completely soundproofed room using a trademark floating frame system on the ceiling, walls and floor.

Airborne noise reduction 80%+

Impact noise reduction 80%+

Make noise guilt free and give your home the wow factor

We soundproof whole rooms using the latest soundproofing materials. We design, manufacture and install a full soundproofing solution specific to your requirements.

We also advise and arrange accompanying lighting and digital technology so you get the maximum enjoyment from your room whether it be a practice room, garage conversion, basement conversion, sound booth, media room, or home cinema.

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Custom garden studio

Working with many homeowners looking to create a unique multi-purpose soundproof room we have found they are suffering with these common problems:

Feeling restricted

Many feel restricted in their own home. Frustrated, anxious and stressed that they cannot express themselves and play their instruments, watch their movies, or work on their music production when
they want to.

Wasting money

They feel they are not getting the value out of the equipment and instruments they have for the hobbies they love. Top of the range drums, guitars, sound systems, mixing decks all under utilised as they can not use them as much as they want due to fear of disturbing others.

Feeling uncomfortable

Many are so aware of the noise they are making that they feel uncomfortable doing their hobby in their own home, taking the enjoyment out of it. They wish they could confidently do want they love in the privacy of their own home without worry about others hearing them.

Our soundproof studios give you the perfect place to work or play

Music Rooms

Employee distracted as there is no noise control in her office

Home Office

Entertainment Rooms

We love to design and build unique multi-purpose soundproofed rooms that give a house that wow factor, where the whole family can enjoy making lots of noise together doing what they love without bothering their neighbours.

To give you the freedom to enjoy making noise guilt-free we have developed a 8-step process to create the ultimate soundproofed studio.

I am very impressed with the music studio Quietco constructed for me. From the very first visit they were personable, enthusiastic, and clearly very knowledgeable about building construction, soundproofing, and acoustics. They grasped my idea for the space, and explained very clearly how they could achieve the vision I had for it, step by step. When the build began all the materials were delivered on time, and work went ahead as planned. The studio was completed in just two weeks, as promised.
Mr K

Freedom to do what you love, in the home you love

After investing in a soundproof studio with us, clients feel a huge sense of relief, they are free to make as much noise as they want, whenever they want and all within the comfort of their own home setting.  

No longer plagued by worries of disturbing neighbours or family members, they have an amazing new room that adds a wow factor to any home, increasing the value of their property and allowing them to get the full value from their equipment and instruments.

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"I first consulted with Quietco a year before the construction of my drum room. They advised me on the most appropriate materials to build the outer shell of the studio, in order to optimise the soundproofing, prior to the room within a room being built, and they were only too happy to engage with me to support the initial build. I really valued the ongoing consultation as it assisted in shaping the whole project. They provided a detailed schedule of the build of the inner drum room and this was stuck to completely. The professionalism of Jim and his team surpassed my expectations and regular photo updates of the build via real time updates kept me informed of progress."

Why choose us for your soundproof studio?

Project Management

We manage the whole project We work closely with you and your architect or builder to design and build your studio. We can also manage all the specialist trades required to provide you with a complete soundproof studio.

Real Time Updates

We provide real time updates We send you pictures straight to your smart phone throughout the day of what is going on during the project so wherever you are you know what is going on in your house and what stage we at during the installation. 


Qualified and protected Highly skilled, trustworthy, dedicated team, fully insured giving you a 10 year guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: To give you the freedom to enjoy making noise guilt-free we have developed a 8-step process to create the ultimate soundproofed studio which you can find out more about on this page. If you would like any more information, please fill out the contact form or feel free to give us a call on 01926 658 638.

A: You will comfortably be able to make as much noise as you want – from using instruments to having a home cinema room!

Typically a soundproof studio garage conversion will range from £18,000 to £30,000 including everything from the block work, soundproof double doors, all the carpentry, air-conditioning to painting and decorating leaving you with a studio ready to use.

A bespoke soundproofed garden room for drums range from £70,000 to £120,000.

The block work construction with a floating room within a room and a wooden cladding exterior provides the best reduction in noise.

Wooden construction with an inner floating frame is still very good, but lower frequency can sometimes still be audible when stood immediately outside the garden studio. Compare this to a block work construction, the low frequency is just not audible stood outside. 

If you want a wood effect where possible construct a block work studio that looks like a wooden construction using wooden cladding.

For a soundproof drum room studio, we would recommend a concrete block work construction.

Our TPS double door system is our trademarked soundproofed door system for studios.  It comprises of a set of two doors; one door opening out and one door opening into the studio, along with specialist soundproofing materials all installed in a way that effectively reduces the noise.

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