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Online soundproofing course for professionals

Quietco’s extensive soundproofing course provides builders, architects and tradespeople with general soundproofing knowledge and invaluable sound-reducing guidance, enabling them to confidently advise their residential clients on how persistent noise problems can be reduced.

Our easy-to-follow online training course is run by our very own team of in-house soundproofing experts, who will use their unique understanding of noise reduction and sound absorption and soundproofing techniques to help minimise the effects of impact and airborne sounds on domestic environments.

Who is our soundproofing training for?

Our online soundproofing course is for architects, builders and tradespeople who want to better their knowledge of reducing airborne and impact noise in residential homes.

By participating in this training you will develop the skills to identify how noise affects domestic properties and learn how to change this for the better. You can then use your newfound understanding to offer your clients the same beautiful designs as before, whilst ensuring that your solutions are sufficiently soundproofed and acoustically comfortable.

Learn how to soundproof a wall, floor, ceiling and more

Those who take part in our soundproofing course will gain the confidence to incorporate efficient sound insulation systems and techniques into their residential renovations and extension projects.

This means you will be able to effectively soundproof houses from noisy neighbours, traffic sounds and any other form of audible disruptor, safe in the knowledge that your specifications will guarantee much-need peace and quiet for your clients.

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Our soundproofing and building acoustics course covers:

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It’s time to start reducing noise for your clients. Register your interest in our soundproofing course and learn valuable soundproofing techniques today.

Interested in DIY soundproofing?

If you are a competent DIYer and looking for guidance on installing soundproofing in your own home, then please check out the Noise-Free Home DIY Soundproofing Course created and hosted by our founder, Jim Prior.