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Top 5 uses for a soundproofed basement

Clear out the clutter from your cellar, damp proof it and soundproof the walls and you have the ideal area to use for a wide range of applications. A dark and dingy basement could be totally transformed and this blog examines a few ways you might want to put the cellar to the test.

Cinema room

Turn the basement area into your own home theatre setting and you could watch as many movies as you like throughout the week. Soundproof the walls using our materials and you can crank the volume up as loud as you like and sit back and munch as much popcorn as you want.

Workout room

Feel the need to get fit? Why not turn your basement area into a mini gym and you can pound the treadmill or pump weights until you’ve got arms as big as Arnie’s. If you soundproof the cellar during the conversion you’ll be able to play your music nice and loud when you work out and it won’t bother the neighbours and cause a dispute.

Practice room

A basement conversion is the perfect place to practice with your band, so make it a regular thing and fine-tune those musical talents. Soundproof the area and it doesn’t matter how much noise you create, with the right materials the noise will be deadened from the outside. Improve your skills in a practice room and get your band up to speed and ready to perform at gigs.

Home office

Want to work from home on a regular basis or need a quiet area to work from time to time? Convert your cellar, turn it into a study and you can shut yourself off from the rest of the house and get down to a little hard graft.


Like to paint, work with pottery or sew in your spare time? Turn the basement into your very own private studio and you’ll have a safe haven to escape to when you get the creative urge. Deaden outside noise with our soundproofing materials and you won’t be disturbed as you bring numerous creations to life.

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