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The Sound Proofing Installers View On…Tuck It Up…And Tuck It Down!

Sound proofing is a specialist trade….

We know you want a simple and inexpensive sound proofing solution that can be installed in a day and leave you free of the noise from your neighbours.

We know you would love to just buy the soundproofing materials from your local DIY store and install them yourself.

But soundproofing is a specialist trade which demands skill and attention to detail like no other trade. Knowledge of buildings and structure, together with the understanding of how sound travels is imperative to the success of any project.

The truth is that when ‘Dave down the road’ decided to install blue sound bloc plasterboard to the party wall in his semi-detached house, he did not achieve a massive reduction in noise. In fact, it may not have helped at all.

We receive many calls from those looking for soundproofing services who have either employed a builder to soundproof their home or who are competent DIYers and have decided to have a go themselves. I mean, why wouldn’t you when it can save you thousands of pounds on professional soundproofing. But more often than not, the soundproofing doesn’t work. Here are just a couple of examples of the enquiries we’ve had this week:

customer enquiries

The true cost of cheap sound proofing solutions

However, the calls we receive normally result in us taking the whole wall down to start again. This is because the noise problem has not been reduced. In some cases, when a builder has attempted to soundproof, the noise has actually been emphasised and made worse. This is a common occurrence with modern building methods. It’s not uncommon for a builder to feel guilty about the poor results. To make up for it, they often do additional work to the property to make up for it. Usually, this is additional plastering, decorating or installing coving. However, the end result is it often ends up costing more in the long run when you have to put right the soundproofing work.

When we remove insufficiently soundproofed walls, all the materials are disposed in a skip. It is very unlikely that we are able to recycle or re-use any of the building material. Therefore, a poor attempt at sound proofing a wall is a very costly process. The most common sound proofing attempts we remove, is when a customer has done a bit of research and purchased the soundproofing materials online. The customer has then encouraged their local builder or handyman to construct the sound proofing system as outlined by the supplier.

@Quietco we use all the latest sound proofing products on the market today. We only use tried and tested sound proofing materials. Most of our materials come from specialist suppliers and not much is sourced from the local builder’s merchant.

As it is the festive season we will share a simple tip that will help get better results with any domestic soundproofing:

“Tuck it up and tuck it down!”

Always remove the existing floor and tuck any wall system down as far as you can.  

Sound proofing wall tucking it down

Remove part of the ceiling and tuck the wall system up above the ceiling as far as it will go. This will help reduce the flanking noise coming under or over any soundproofing investment. Also make sure when re-fitting the floor it doesn’t make the new floating wall system negative.

Quietco has a variety of different wall, floor and ceiling systems to suit any noisy neighbour project, contact us now to arrange your consultation. For semi-detached soundproofing these areas must be considered!


Whatever you choose to do, beware of people trying to sell you a solution that treats the party wall alone. When noise reaches a certain level it enters the structure of the building and transmits even faster. No party wall soundproofing solution will stop noise that is travelling through other structures in your home.

If you would love to make as much noise as you like without bothering your neighbours or are ready to relish the peace and quiet you deserve in your own home, then give us a call. Even if you would still like to do it yourself but really want to follow our 4-Step Soundproofing method, ask us about our virtual installation support consultation pack. We can help you get the best possible results with your soundproofing installation, wherever you are in the country.

At Quietco, we help developers, builders and architects with their soundproofing installation every day. There really is nothing we have not seen in regards to soundproofing your home. The first step is a renovation advice zoom consultation. Simply call us to get a price for this.

Give Quietco a call on 01926 658 638.

We make it right first time!

5 Mistakes Of Soundproofing


5 things to consider when soundproofing

We’ve compiled this helpful checklist so you can avoid the 5 most common soundproofing mistakes and get the result you want.

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