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How much does sound proofing cost?

Whether to invest in a quality soundproofing solution can be a huge decision. 

It’s perfectly normal to feel irritated and stressed by noise from neighbours. Many people are in the same boat, hearing every aspect of their neighbours lives. In turn, that can make you very aware of the noise you are making. Perhaps you’re a considerate noise maker who would love nothing more than to play your music loud, or turn up the amp for your guitar without disturbing others.

Living room

In an ideal world, you would find a noise solution for a few thousand pound that can be installed in a day. While there might be a few who claim they can deliver this, the truth is a little different. Unfortunately, cheap soundproofing does not exist, the materials used are quite specialist, high quality and come from a variety of different manufacturers around the world.

In particular, beware of anyone trying to sell you a solution that only treats the party wall. When noise reaches a certain decibel (volume level) it enters the structure of our homes. It can transmit faster through most building materials than it does between two people talking in the garden. Plus, with any concrete construction, 50% of the noise is ‘flanking noise’. This is noise travelling indirectly such as along other walls in your home. Anyone who truly understands noise and soundproofing, knows it’s a FACT that treating the party wall alone will not get anywhere near a 50% reduction in the noise from your neighbours. It is why we created our 4-step soundproofing method. It ensures we treat all routes through which the noise is travelling.

Soundproofing is a specialist trade that requires an attention to detail like no other trade. When it comes to soundproofing party walls, sound proofing ceilings or soundproofing floors, it is a big investment for any home owner.

Whether to stay and soundproof or pack up and risk moving to a potentially quieter home with more considerate neighbours is a predicament for any family. Whether it is barking dogs’, screaming kids or your neighbour with his new drum kit you are trying to escape from, the grass is not always greener on the other side!

So how much does soundproofing really cost?

The cost of soundproofing can vary greatly depending on numerous factors. However, as a rough guide, soundproofing a room generally costs between £6,000 and £25,000 when you are wanting to stop noise from neighbours. If road traffic noise is plaguing you and your home, this can cost anywhere between £2,500 per room and over £30,000 for the entire house.

Typically, we find that 80% of our domestic soundproofing projects range from £6,000 to £25,000. These rough figures suggest that soundproofing is considerably cheaper than moving. You can read more on the comparison between the cost of soundproofing and moving house in our article.


Sound proofing domestic walls or soundproofing a room?

Diagram showing where noise is travelling and needs soundproofing

Sometimes opting for one completely soundproofed room instead of sound proofing walls from noisy neighbours can be a cheaper alternative.  Sound proofing does not require any structural alterations of any kind, with most systems installation can be achieved within a week. Sound proofing party walls may give you the sound equivalent of a detached house but with the space loss in some rooms and the cost of quality soundproofing it is not for every house.

Getting the balance right on the amount of noise reduction, space loss and budget can be a tricky decision. At least choosing the right sound proofing company to treat your noise problem is not a difficult decision. 

Quietco do not do any hard selling or clever sales pitch or any clever box tricks. We provide you with all the information, brochure, illustrations of your solution, answer all your questions and make sure you know exactly what materials, systems and sound proofing solution you are getting for your investment.  We also give our customers real time updates of the project throughout the day you will receive pictures and communication updating you as the different layers that are applied to your home.

Plus, if you’re worried about whether the soundproofing will work or not, we provide you with a page of 50 of our previous customers who you can phone up. They are more than happy to speak to you about the decision process they went through and the results of their soundproofing. 

Our discrete services means your soundproofing renovation can be completed within 2-3 weeks and no one else needs to know what you are having done.

Before and after images of a room we soundproofed...

Diagram showing where noise is travelling and needs soundproofing
Chantelles Before
Chantelles After
Chantelles Before
Chantelles After

Our lifestyles and the way we use our homes are changing. In the past, people thought nothing of splashing their money on a new kitchen, bathroom, or car. Other rooms made do with a lick of paint. But with so many now working from home and spending more of their time in their homes, spending money on rooms such as the lounge and bedroom is a logical investment. 

You don’t have to soundproof your whole house to make a difference. Just having one soundproof room can give you the escape you need.

5 Mistakes Of Soundproofing


5 things to consider when soundproofing

We’ve compiled this helpful checklist so you can avoid the 5 most common soundproofing mistakes and get the result you want.

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