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Combating Noise Pollution

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Noise pollution is everywhere.  A recent report by the EU Commission examined noise pollution and its effects concluding that unlike environmental pollution, noise pollution has not been given the respect and attention that it deserves. To paraphrase EU Commission’s website noise pollution poses, ‘serious direct as well as indirect health effects, including damage to hearing or sleeping which, in serious cases, could lead to high blood pressure and mental disorders.’ The commission even outlined that as many as thirty percent of EU citizens are routinely subjected to a level of noise that could be damaging to their health.

This bombardment of sound isn’t solely attributed to external factors. A great deal of nuisance noise is generated within the home environment. From the abundance of kitchen appliances used when preparing a Sunday roast to the steadfast refused of a thirteen year old rock star in the makings’ desire to practice at a decibel level that can hardly be described as soothing, noise travels. The surest way to have the peace that you so sorely need at the end of a hard day is to install effective soundproofing in the home.

To tackle the problem effectively, we need to gain an understanding of sound itself. Sound is produced by ripples or vibrations emitting from a point of origin. Modern technology sound proofing can eliminate or significantly absorb the volume of sound, and hence diminish the level that your ears are subjected to.  Soundproofing foam does an excellent job of minimising the volume of noise. The foam itself contains miniscule air cells which subdue the volume of sound as the waves ripple through it. Whether installed in walls or ceilings soundproofing foam traps noise vibrations and prevents unwanted disturbance to others.

Sound management is a much more complicated process than many people believe. As an example, recording studios actually use soundproofing inside individual booths to enhance sound output in that environment. By containing the sound to a relatively small space the sound volume is, in actuality, amplified in the environment. This technology is easily transferred to a living environment.

Today a number of soundproofing products are readily available for both commercial and domestic use. Providing that the correct cellular structure is maintained, allowing for ample noise absorption these products are highly beneficial. The products themselves are easy to install and require no specialist training. Affordable and effective, these products are an integral part of easy and stress-free living.

The growing understanding of negative noise has facilitated an increased interest in soundproofing products. Indeed, progressive architects have now designed such products into the new buildings that they develop. Eliminating a substantial proportion of noise pollution isn’t imminent.  However, by undertaking effective soundproofing strategies we can ensure that the lives of a great number of people across the EU are substantially improved.

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