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I’ve heard on the canine vine that Quietco have turned their attention to helping out other members of the family home. They’re Introducing the Doggy Den™

Having soundproofed domestic homes for the last 15 years and designed and built hundreds of home studios. Using the same technology we use with our garden studios, we’re working on all sorts of ground breaking (noise reducing) innovations at Quietco and Doggy Den™ is the one we’re having most fun with. Designed too for interior use

dog thinking

We know there’s a real demand for creature comforts and we can’t wait to start delivering Doggy Den™. Contact us below to register your interest and be the first to hear when Doggy Den™ becomes reality.

39% of dogs suffer from stress and anxiety caused by noise such as fireworks, thunder storms and traffic noise. Quietco aims to remove that stress from every member of your household.

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Key features of the Doggy Den™: