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Consultation Advice

Homeowners, DIYers, builders, architects and developers: we can give you honest, no-nonsense advice on your renovation project to ensure you get the soundproofing result you want.

With so much information online trying to sell you particular marketed systems and products claiming to solve your noise problem, how do you know who to trust? How do you know what will actually work? Many people are left overwhelmed and muddled on what to do to fix their noise issue.

At Quietco we are passionate about reducing noise in the home and love to delight clients with our high-quality installation services.  Using our 4-step soundproofing method we have successfully reduced noise for thousands of people across the UK.

To maintain our transformational installation services, we only serve a limited number of homeowners per year.

Unfortunately, we receive calls every day from across the country from people whose soundproofing projects have gone wrong.  So, for those looking to carry-out a soundproofing installation themselves, we offer expert soundproofing advice and ongoing installation support as part of our soundproofing consultancy services.

Our only passion is to help you reduce the noise

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Get soundproofing advice from award winning installers

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Soundproofing advice

For homeowners, DIYers, builders
1:1 consultation with Jim Prior
60 min zoom call

If you are absolutely sure you want to carry out the soundproofing installation yourself, but heard mixed advice and not sure exactly where to start, why not consider some sound 1:1 advice from actual installers. 

At Quietco, we have been carrying out award winning soundproofing installations every day in domestic homes for over 15 years.  As an installation company we are not trying to sell you any products or materials we just want to help you reduce the noise.  We have been consistently recognised for our soundproofing expertise winning the UK Innovation & Excellence award for soundproofing consultancy of the year two years in a row.

Do you think you could benefit from some 1:1 consultation advice on the room you are trying soundproofing?  If so, book your consultation with Jim today.

Quietco have been helpful and informative from the start of my enquiry. They don't gate-keep their expertise and really want to listen to the issue before offering helpful solutions. They have an approachable style and that coupled with their eagerness to solve problems is why I would recommend them.
soundproofing advice

After the call you will know:

renovation advice

If you are looking to renovate your home; add an extension, loft conversion, create a utility or just knock through your dining room and lounge creating one big open plan living space, we can help ensure you do not create a noise problem in the processes.

Renovation advice

For homeowners and architects
1:1 consultation with Jim Prior
60 min zoom call

What we offer:

Developer, architect consultation

For developers, architects looking to meet Part E Building Regulations
1:1 consultation with Jim Prior
60 min zoom call

We know there are a number of ways of exceeding current Building Regulation ‘Part E’ and every project is different.

Whether it’s a commercial building, change of use, basement conversion, office refurbishment, restaurant, or HMO conversion, we can help your team exceed building regulations, and introduce new soundproofing systems you can use on your other projects.

From modern loft conversions that meet all building regulations yet transmit environmental noise, forcing the homeowner to move from the home they love, to major office renovations that offer no speech confidentiality between rooms – we’ve seen it all.

We will show you what building materials make noise worse, what needs to go where and why, and tell you exactly how to source the acoustic materials in the most cost effective way.

If you prefer, our engineers can do the acoustic airborne and impact noise testing for you on your renovation project.

What you get from the consultation:

Installation support

For homeowners, DIYers, builders, developers, architects
Ongoing virtual support
Calls, video calls, texts, pictures
£250+VAT per hour

After an initial consultation on your project, we can provide ongoing installation support to help you and/or your build team achieve the soundproofing result you desire.

What you get:

Planning phase
After build

Case Study

Mark is a developer in Birmingham and acquired planning permission to convert his commercial office block into 20 apartments. Mark needed to meet Part E building regulations for the separating floors and the walls in the apartment blocks. He needed a UKAS accredited sound test between the floor and walls of each of the apartments.

Overwhelmed by the different opinions and information he found online, Mark was not sure who to trust and what material he needed to pass the sound test. Mark contacted Quietco for consultation advice knowing that we install sound insulation every day. Who better to speak with than the guys that do this kind of work for a living?

During the consultation site visit Mark learnt that for his particular project to meet Part E, he just needed to build the separating party walls from 7.3N concrete blocks and some rockwool – materials he was already familiar with, which his build team could easily install.

Quietco took care of the UKAS accredited testing for Mark and the separating walls and floors passed with flying colours. The sound insulation value of the separating walls measured at 58 dB (DnT’w + Ctr) The results are rated in accordance with BS EN ISO 717-1:1997 for airborne sound insulation testing and BS EN ISO 717-2:1997 for impact sound insulation testing.

“Thank you very much to Jim for the honest advice. Your consultation booking system and the delivery of the materials is amazing... I will definitely be giving you a call before we start the next project, many thanks.”

Quietco has invested heavily into research and  development internally and in partnership with organisations and universities. We’re interested in not just the optimum combination of different materials required to effectively treat the direct noise path, but also in finding non- combusting, environmentally friendly, and sustainable alternatives to further align the Quietco  vision with the UN global goals 12 and 7.

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Building a better future

We believe that as a leading sound insulation company it’s our responsibility to align our business processes and decision-making with sustainability most relevant to our business activities. The UN goals for sustainable development provides a framework for partnerships that contribute to worthy challenges and opportunities we face as a generation. We are proud to be supporting goal 7 and goal 12.

“My team and I are going to change British building standards for sound insulation. Hopefully through awareness of the problems of noise and the effects it can have on people’s lives, we are going to make sure every house has a noise rating survey when it’s sold, so future generations can enjoy peace and quiet in their homes.”