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The Installers View On… Triple Glazing Windows

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With the recent weeks of seasonal outdoor activity; trick or treaters in your street or local firework displays going off with a bang many people have been experiencing additional noise in their home. For many this is temporary, but for some it adds to the impact they are already suffering from street noise outside their home and they look for a sound proofing solution.

As a member of the Quietco installation team I am keen to make sure we get the right most appropriate solution for the customer and their sound issues. Therefore when we get an enquiry relating to road noise or noise immediately outside a property; I first ask the customer if they have double glazing and if they have looked into secondary glazing.

Unlike walls, roofs and ceilings, that will reflect and absorb sound waves, glass will allow all those high frequency sounds and vibrations to pass through; this is why windows are generally the weakest point of sound insulation in the home.

Secondary Glazing provides two layers of window glass isolated from each other allowing greater noise reduction. It provides the best type of sound insulation for many households that are situated around airports, railway lines, under flight paths, near industrial units or next to busy roads.

Secondary Glazing provides better sound insulation because it has a larger air gap between both panels therefore far superior than conventional double glazing for noise reduction.

Therefore looking at glazing options first allows the customer to ensure they invest in the most appropriate noise reduction solution. This in turn allows us to make sure our customers understand all the options available to them and get an effective solution within their budget.

5 Mistakes Of Soundproofing


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