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Soundproofing a garage

This case study looks at soundproofing a garage to turn it into a practice room for playing drums.

Our client wanted to play the drums in his garage as loud as he wants whenever he wants.

Is this possible he asks?

Yes of course it is what we do.

If you are looking for soundproofing installers for garages UK, Quietco design and build unique multi-purpose soundproofed rooms that add substantial value to people homes.

Soundproof wall materials
garage converted to soundproof room

Consult and design

Having understood our clients dream, we worked closely with him and his architect to make it a reality with a soundproof garage.

Using our expertise, we not only helped design a specification for the garage conversion that would give him the soundproofed garage he wanted but also a garage conversion that would exceed building regulations from a thermal point of view and from a condensation perspective too.

When soundproofing a garage conversion, one of the most important areas is the roof, as most garages have a flat roof it is vital to get the air tightness needed for sound transmission without increasing the condensation risk and ending up with black mould (see our blog on how not to soundproof your garage roof).

Our TPS80C ceiling system used on the ceiling/roof for this project when soundproofing a garage is designed to ensure excellent sound reduction and low condensation risk.


With the garage conversion ready for the soundproofing installation our team of highly skilled installers set to work transforming the garage into an acoustic practice room.

Quietco installed our trademark systems TPS80W for the walls, TPSP premium floating floor for the floor and TPS80C for the ceiling.

We also installed acoustic doors, air conditioning, sound absorption, a ventilation and air extraction system and all the finishing touches needed to make a beautiful soundproof garage for drums.

Air flow in practice rooms is quite important especially with high quality soundproofing that is completely airtight. Whether you need an air extraction system, together with an air inlet and air conditioning system will depend on the size of the soundproof practice room together with the design of the soundproof practice room.

This client wanted all three options installed in the initial build and decided to temporarily plug the air inlet and air extraction after he had a chance to play around with his amazing practice room. When he is teaching, he can always unplug each vent if and when he requires or between each session.

soundproofed entrance door to garage studio
soundproof garage with drums


Quietco achieved a fantastic result soundproofing a garage to create a bespoke drum room.  The drums can not be heard during the day or at night and our client can play whenever he wants.  The time taken to design the soundproof garage at the start allowed for a very smooth installation with all the additional tech designed in.

“The end result is superb and allows me to play drums my whenever I choose. I highly recommend the services of Quietco”

Here is what the client said about us:

“I first consulted with Quietco a year before the construction of my drum room. They advised me on the most appropriate materials to build the outer shell of the studio, in order to optimise the soundproofing, prior to the room within a room being built, and they were only too happy to engage with me to support the initial build. I really valued the ongoing consultation as it assisted in shaping the whole project. Quietco  provided a detailed schedule of the build of the inner drum room and this was stuck to completely. The professionalism of Jim and his team surpassed my expectations and regular photo updates of the build kept me informed of progress. The end result is superb and allows me to play drums my whenever I choose. I highly recommend the services of Quietco.  Cheers”


See our testimonials page for more clients we have helped to soundproof a garage conversion or watch our video below where we created a soundproof home studio for one of our clients.


When soundproofing a garage or doing a garage conversion to create a practice room there are many factors that need considering to ensure a high quality build along with an excellent sound reduction result.

Quietco have the experience and tried and tested soundproofing systems to help you achieve the result you are after from design through to installation.

Why not give us a call 01926 658 638 to see how we can help you get the soundproofed garage of your dreams.

5 Mistakes Of Soundproofing


5 things to consider when soundproofing

We’ve compiled this helpful checklist so you can avoid the 5 most common soundproofing mistakes and get the result you want.

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