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Soundproofed studio for your garden

We design and build unique multi-purpose soundproof studios that give any home that massive wow factor.  A room where the family can enjoy making lots of noise together without bothering their neighbours.

This blog specifically looks at the soundproof studio we designed and built with the help of local trades for a family in Leicestershire.

Dad loved playing the guitar and his son loved playing the drums, the concern was that playing the drums and guitar was disturbing the neighbours.

They were apprehensive at playing at certain times of the day thinking: ‘it’s a bit too late to get the drums out’ or ‘it’s a Sunday best not make too much noise’.

As a busy and very considerate family they set out to build a soundproof studio where they could play whenever they wanted.

Dad quite rightly did all his research, got consultations from specialist companies and decided to design the soundproof studio with soundproofing built into the design before any work had started.

Garden Room
TPS80W icon
sound proofing room
sound proof studio

Getting the construction right from the beginning

The soundproofed garden room building was positioned separate from the main house down the garden away from any neighbouring properties. The construction consisted of 7.3N concrete blocks with a 100mm cavity filled with RW3 acoustic mineral wool.

The TPS80 floating room within a room, including TPS80W to the walls and TPS80C to the ceiling and a bespoke premium floating floor all interlocking to give the maximum soundproofing.

The soundproof studio exterior was finished with…

Iroko horizontal wooden cladding insulated with 50mm RW3, beautiful slate pillars to match the existing garden wall, Grey UPVC facia and soffit under a rubber roof system, finished with a Sedum roof.


Painted plaster walls

Engineered flooring

Skirting trunking

Track lighting system

Double and triple glazed window system with ventilation between panes

Double door system between live room and the control room

Live room control room window system


control room in soundproof studio
drums in soundproofed studio

Gadgets built into the soundproof studio

Climate control air conditioning

Digital slim line Electric panel heaters

Air Inlet and extractor system to bring in fresh air as and when required

Various sound absorption panels to reduce reverberation

Specialist XLR, RCA, TRS cables were all ran in the bespoke floating flooring between rooms

Ethernet cables from the main house creating a working office

Smoke detectors linked to the main house system

State of the art alarm system


Marshal Fridge to match the amps

One of the most important aspects of any soundproof studio in the garden is the roof. Look at the thickness of the roof on this soundproof studio in this garden.

This roof was designed by Jim Prior the founder of Quietco. It has three 0% condensation risk assessments approved by two major insulation companies as well as the top brass at the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) who also approved and praised the design.

It comprises of our TPS80C trademark ceiling system installed beneath 10-inch rafters and even has a meadow grass sedum roof on the top. See our blog on How not to Soundproof your garage roof.

drum room in garden

So what was the noise result of this ultimate soundproof studio?

You probably will not be surprised, you can not hear anything outside, Dad said “I could hear the birds singing and nothing from the room with the full band playing”

Dad and son can now play their instruments together whenever they want, the soundproofing is so impressive they have had the whole band over and they have now recorded their first album for charity.

“Now that our Garden Studio is complete and we have been using it for a few weeks, I wanted to write to tell you how delighted we are with the results.  Everyone who has visited the studio has been amazed with how well it contains the sound and my son has been using it constantly since we moved in.  

I was impressed from the initial consultation through to how you then worked closely with me, and the builder, to achieve the exact results we were looking for.  The building looks fantastic inside and out and the quality of the internal finish is testament to the skill & professionalism of both Tom & Adam, who it was a pleasure to have on site each day.  

As agreed I will be happy to discuss our experience with any of your prospective clients who are planning a similar project over the next year or so.  Wishing you continued success and thanks again Jim”.

Inside soundproofed studio
music cables in studio
soundproofed studio with amp
toilet in soundproofed studio


One mistake when considering a soundproof studio in the garden is buying a wooden construction and getting a soundproofing company to soundproof it. This really is not recommended.

There are many reasons why you would never do this, but the two most important aspects are the structure will not take the load bearing of the soundproofing materials and you will not get the required head height after a ceiling and flooring system has been installed. See the blog on bespoke soundproof garden rooms: https://quietco.uk/domestic/soundproofed-bespoke-garden-rooms/

If you have a garden idea and are thinking about a soundproof studio please get in touch for a friendly chat, book a design consultation or simply feel free to drain our technical experts of all their knowledge over the phone, we would love to hear from you.

Please call us on 01926 658 638

microphone and guitar soundproofed studio
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