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The installers view on…. Sound Proofing Domestic Gym Floors

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The Sound proofing Problem

The property was a new build and the customer wanted one of their bedrooms converted into a gym. The problem was impact noise from gym equipment travelling all over the house and through to next door. The customer wanted to be able to use the gym at whatever time of day or night.

Anyone that has experienced newly built homes today will appreciate how badly sound travels throughout the house and into next-doors house. It is fair to say that acoustics do not play any part in the construction of these houses. You can normally hear the TV in the lounge from the second floor top bedrooms. Not to mention hearing yours neighbours too!

This very considerate customer understood that if they were to install gym equipment on the first-floor bedroom, there is no doubt the impact noise of running on the treadmill and other gym equipment would carry not only down stairs in the kitchen below; but also through to next door as well.

In fact before sound proofing the separating floor, running on the treadmill in the bedroom above the kitchen, it felt like the kitchen ceiling was going to fall down. The thumbing on the ceiling above when you were in the kitchen was unbearable and you could not help looking at the ceiling moving above your head.

The solution – Soundproof The Floor

We removed the whole floor back to the exposed joists where we were able to install various sound proofing materials and methods to tackle that impact noise.  After replacing the sub-floor we installed some specialist sound proofing resilient layers that made up our TPS80F before installing a beautiful solid oak floor to finish. We then as standard re-fitted the skirting with acoustic material floating off the new floor.

Now after sound proofing the floor, the customer can use the Gym equipment any time of day or night and will not bother anyone. When standing in the kitchen below and someone is running on the treadmill on the new gym floor, you can hardly hear anything.  Great Result! The beautiful new floor has a really high quality feel to it, and can be used for all sorts of activities that just would not have been practical before. Converting a bedroom into a personal home gym has given the house a big wow factor and a great use of space.

If you would like a floor converted for a gym, playroom, dance studio or cinema room, please feel free to give us a call on 01926 658 638 and we will be happy to have a chat about any requirement you may have.

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