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Septic Tank Pump Enclosure & Compressor Sound enclosure

The Installers View on… Septic Tank Pump & Compressor Pump Enclosure.

We were called to see if we could help with a loud high Frequency noise in Kineton in Warwickshire, a small town between Warwick & Banbury.

Some residences were suffering from noise pollution caused by an electric motor installed on their septic tank sewage system.

Septic tanks, are very common in the country side or rural areas where there is no connection to the main sewage pipe. Approximately 25% of the population relies on septic tanks for their sewage. It is quite common that these communal septic tanks, which are installed for more than one household, include a pump or compressor of some kind of electric motor. It is these pumps that produces a high pitched sound.
Our clients were a group of 4 households, varying from barn conversions to cottages that all relied on a septic tank submersed in the ground. This high frequency sound from the pump (that was above ground) was very annoying for the residence, so much that it was almost unbearable and therefore difficult to relax in their gardens without hearing this noise. The residence could not open their windows at night because the noise became so irritating.

Quietco was tasked with reducing this noise.

The noise was high-pitched (so more waves per second than say a bass drum for example), so the design of the soundproof pump enclosure had to be airtight, and both reflect and absorb sound on the inside. It had to have the appropriate ventilation, easy access for maintenance, and look aesthetically pleasing against the residential barn conversion around it. It also needed to be removable out the way when the septic tank lorry arrived to empty the tanks.

The pump enclosure was constructed using all the latest soundproofing products on the market today. We used the new rubber roof system from a Coventry based business and basic builder merchant ship-lap treated timber effect for the sides. We produced an athletically pleasing airtight soundproofed pump enclosure, with easily removable lid, adequate ventilation direct to the pump. The whole pump enclose can be transported. And most importantly you can no longer hear the high-pitched noise. So what did the residence think of the result?…“99% sound reduction. Could be 100% but a with a slight risk of overheating”… “I would have no hesitation in recommending TP Soundproofing and would be happy to discuss any enquiries”

Quietco Ltd receives about 3 enquiries a month from all over the world regarding soundproof pump enclosures like this one described above, this specific enclosure is local to our surrounding area. The very clever ventilated acoustic box costs between £4,000 to £5,000 to supply and fit. We are unable to ship the soundproof enclosure and can only install them to residence in the UK. If you have a similar noise problem feel free to get in touch or feel free to send pictures and dimensions to: info@quietco.uk for an email estimate.

Septic tanks pump enclosure
Septic tanks sound Pump enclosure

If you have a similar noise problem, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01926 658 638.

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