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Latest Soundproofing Advice

5 Reasons to Improve Acoustics and Introduce Noise Control Within the Office Environment

Are your employees dealing with noise and terrible acoustics in the office? Noisy neighbours can be hugely frustrating and are often what you might think ...
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Introducing The Installers view on…

Each month we will be covering a specific topic on our blog in our feature The Installers View on… One of the installation team will ...
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top tips for combatting noise pollution

Combating Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is everywhere.  A recent report by the EU Commission examined noise pollution and its effects concluding that unlike environmental pollution, noise pollution has ...
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Sustained Noise does have a Detrimental Effect on Health

It is no longer unusual for us to deal with nuisance noise on a day-to-day basis. This often includes noise outside our homes, the everyday noises ...
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5 Mistakes Of Soundproofing


5 things to consider when soundproofing

We’ve compiled this helpful checklist so you can avoid the 5 most common soundproofing mistakes and get the result you want.

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