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Latest Soundproofing Advice

sound proof studio

Soundproofed studio for your garden

We design and build unique multi-purpose soundproof studios that give any home that massive wow factor.  A room where the family can enjoy making lots …

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How not to soundproof your garage roof

As a soundproofing company we are often contacted by clients looking to soundproof a garage.  Whether for a music room, home office or a man …

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soundproof garage with drums

Soundproofing a garage

This case study looks at soundproofing a garage to turn it into a practice room for playing drums. Our client wanted to play the drums …

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NHBC Report on Dot and Dab plasterboard wall linings and acoustic performance

A recent report by the NHBC found that the “dot and dab” plasterboard technique emphasises the noise by up to 10dB.   Below is a …

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open plan kitchen with down lighters

Will you hear your neighbours? – 7 things to look for when buying a house

This noise article outlines common features we regularly see when conducting noise surveys that are found in semi-detached and terrace houses that suffer from noise …

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finished soundproofed bedroom

Soundproofing a linked detached house

Quietco was contacted to help a couple in Warwickshire soundproofing their linked detached house. “Mr & Mrs S” purchased a linked detached property, however since …

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How much does soundproofing cost?

When looking for soundproofing companies and to get an idea of soundproofing costs you first have to start with the problem; the noise in people’s …

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dot and dab on a party wall

The use of dot and dab plasterboard in homes

Jim Prior, The founder of Quietco (@JimPrior7) has joined us today to talk about Dot and Dab. Team: Jim, welcome, what key topic do you …

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3 bed semi-detached house – TV on the wall – neighbours TV noise

Putting a TV on the wall and TV noise from next door has been a popular theme this January, with many enquiries from people on …

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Soundproofing a new build semi-detached house

When soundproofing a new build semi-detached house you will not get the full benefit of the soundproofed upstairs room…..until you have treated the downstairs. The …

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Road noise Soundproofing in the Cotswolds

Quietco was contacted by a family in the Cotswolds that had just moved into their beautiful barn conversion, they were not told by the estate …

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The installers view…Soundproofing semi detached house from noisy neighbours

This particular case study looks at the option of soundproofing a semi detached house against noisy neighbours where a client is suffering from specific noises such …

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5 Mistakes Of Soundproofing


5 things to consider when soundproofing

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