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Each month we will be covering a specific topic on the Quietco blog in our feature The Installers View on…

With the increasing popularity of wood effect flooring be it; hard wood, engineered wood or laminate many customers are looking to reduce the noise without spoiling the look of their room design.

As a member of the installation team at Quietco I was recently really impressed with the use of two materials we used in combination to create an effective hardwood soundproofed floor that looked great. The combination of a layer of cement particle board and Wickes hardwood flooring gave the sound proofed floor that finishing touch.

On an upstairs floor without soundproofing most tongue & groove hardwood flooring is usually laid on top of a layer of chip board. Although this provides a reasonably stable and level surface it does not do anything to reduce the impact noise of footsteps. To soundproof a floor a layering effect of suitable soundproof materials is applied to the floor with the final floor covering as the top layer. Using 22mm cement particle board as the penultimate layer before the wood flooring has provided great results. It provides a level, solid surface to lay the wood flooring on top of. It is tongue and groove so easy to fit together and less likely to have any movement. Best of all for our customers; as the two products work so well together they can reduce the noise without having to compromise on the look.

If you need to more information please give us a call on 01926 658 638 to arrange a consultation.

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