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3 bed semi-detached house – TV on the wall – neighbours TV noise

Putting a TV on the wall and TV noise from next door has been a popular theme this January, with many enquiries from people on both sides of the wall.

This blog focuses on how you can have your TV on the wall, still get some sleep in the room above and avoid being the noisy neighbour.

For information on what soundproofing solutions can be done if your neighbours have already installed their TV on the party wall see our FAQ or soundproofing a semi detached house.

The considerate neighbour

I am a considerate neighbour and really want to install my new TV on the party wall, what soundproofing do I need to have installed so my neighbours do not hear it?

If you want to put a TV on your party wall and want to be the considerate neighbour…..here are the key points:

It is more than likely that if you put your TV on your party wall or the alcoves or the chimney stack or walls perpendicular to the party wall your neighbours will hear your TV. They will most likely be able to identify TV programs, make out words from the TV and will definitely hear the muffled sound of a TV. They will not only hear the TV noise in the room the other side of the party wall, but they will hear the TV in the upstairs rooms too and in every room a long the separating party wall.

If you have plasterboard walls like most new build properties then it is highly likely your neighbours will hear the TV worse in the bedroom above. Dot and Dab plasterboard increases your noise by up to 10dB (source NHBC) Therefore they will not be going to sleep until you turn your TV off. 

So what can be done?

If you have plasterboarded walls, this will have to be removed as part of the solution, you can not put any soundproofing over the top of an uninsulated plasterboard stud wall or a ‘dot and dab’ plastered wall.

TPS65W, TPS70W or TPS80W are soundproof wall systems that will reduce the noise entering your neighbours property. During any soundproofing installation we position cables and brackets to ensure your new TV will be isolated in the most effective way that noise is not transmitted to your neighbours property.

Normally the considerate neighbour soundproofs the party wall and also insulates and treats the ceiling in that room as part of the investment.

If your neighbours are being kept awake or disturbed by your new TV on the party wall, it will more than likely be affecting them in every room in their house.

It will cost your neighbours up to three times as much to barrier that noise from your TV in just one room. Compared to the cost for you the considerate neighbour who wants to install soundproofing before installing your new TV.

In a lot of cases where relationships have failed between neighbours, this results in the neighbours moving home.

Can we help you? 

Although every job is different in our trade; our ceilingwalls and floor systems are life changing and when installed correctly have amazing noise reduction results. Unwanted noise cannot be completely eradicated but it can be reduced to an acceptable level, a level at which you get your life back. As a responsible soundproofing company, Quietco will ensure that you benefit and obtain the full integrity of the materials you invest in.

If you would like to discuss your noise problem; contact us: 01926 658 638 or fill out the form to book a free noise diagnosis when it’s convenient for you.

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