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About Quietco

Quietco are leading installers of high quality soundproofing for homes in the UK.

We are an award winning domestic soundproofing company that installs sound insulation to people’s houses (walls, ceilings and floors), which reduces the noise and allows them to stay in the home they love.

The Quietco Way - The Stress-free Renovation Experience ™

Having companies work on your house can be quite daunting; how much mess will there be, what time are they going to be here, how long will it take, what if something unexpected comes up?  The concerns are endless and can be overwhelming and stressful for some homeowners. At Quietco we strive to give the best experience possible, and this is why we have developed the Quietco Stress-free Renovation Experience ™.

What do homeowners have to say about the Quietco Stress-free Renovation Experience ™?

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I have never met a company that does everything it says it’s going to do - until I worked with Quietco. Every part of my project was well planned and exceptionally executed. Everyone on their team is outstanding - they are without doubt the best contractor I have ever worked with.

Here are some of the things you can expect from a Quietco Stress-free Renovation Experience ™

  • Our ‘Daily Timings’ service – we turn up in unmarked vans when we say we will turn up with a call or text before to notify you of our arrival time and estimated finish time each day. Allowing you to confidently know when and how long we will be in your home.
  • Dedicated team – we concentrate on your job until completion, if we are managing the whole project there is no ‘waiting for trades’, ‘waiting for materials’, ‘popping to another job’ the project is completed in a timely manner.
  • Our ‘One Touch’ service means we will manage the different trades for you; no need for you to use your time and effort trying to find and organise other trades. For example you will most likely need, a fully qualified electrician to extend the sockets and other cables, plumbers to move radiators, carpet fitters to remove and re-fit carpets, plasterers and decorators, carpenters to fit skirting, architraves and doors. You may also need alarm, cctv companies, and even a builder to make a structural opening for you.

At Quietco we employ many skilled craftsmen to ensure you get that high quality finish to your home.  If you already have your own qualified gas safe plumber or NICEIC registered electrician that you want to use, just provide us with their contact details and through the ‘One Touch’ service we will work with them to ensure a smooth renovation experience.

  • Our ‘Waste Free’ service means all waste is removed from your property, whisked away in our unmarked vans at the end of each day. Leaving you with space in your bins and no unsightly piles of rubbish.  We will only organise a skip on the drive if we absolutely need to, or if it is less disruptive for the homeowner to have a skip during the project.
  • Protection zone -all appropriate dust sheets, coverings and protection wrappings are applied in the working area and around the working area. Protecting your house and belongings and the team are very respectful of your property
  • Optional furniture removal – you can opt for us to do the heavy lifting for you; where we box you up and move you out and move you back in after painting and decorating. However, if you just need ‘a helping hand’ moving a few heavy items out the room for you, we can do this, but we do ask if you can provide an area to store it. We will require you to move all your personal belongings from the rooms to be renovated before the installation start date.
  • Our ‘Magic Clean’ service – we clean up and wipe down the working area, surrounding area and the walkways at the end of every day, so no dusty footprints to return home to. Meaning you can come home and get on with your evening without needing to tidy up after our team.
  • Real time updates – we send you real time updates straight to your smart phone throughout the day. You can keep up to date with the progress for the renovation, the comings and goings of our team members throughout the day, post questions about what we find and watch videos of different aspects of the project. This regular communication means wherever you are you will know what’s going on in your house and gives you peace of mind you your house is in safe hands.
  • Our ‘Safe & Sound’ service gives many homeowners the peace of mind to leave us to lock up at the end of each day, which means they don’t have to take a week off work, re-arrange appointments or disrupt their normal daily routine ….some even go on holiday and come back to a completely finished renovation.

Our unique 4 step soundproofing method ™

Will transform your home significantly reducing the noise and creating the home you have always wanted.

We also design and build unique multipurpose soundproofed rooms that give a house that wow factor, where the whole family can enjoy making lots of noise together doing what they love (musical instrument, cinema etc.) without bothering their neighbours.

Our services can be life changing

After a soundproofing installation homeowners love their home, they don’t ever want to move, feel comfortable in their home and have the privacy they have always wanted to do what they love.

TP Soundproofing trade mark 4 step soundproofing method

Our soundproofing solutions

No matter what type of noise problem you are suffering from, we have a wide range of solutions to help you live peacefully in your own home.

Our Senior Team

Jim Prior Founder of Quietco Ltd

In the early 2000’s Jim saw an emerging trend for sound insulation services.  After experiencing first hand that horrible sinking feeling in your stomach when you can hear your neighbours in your new home, he realised it is a problem for millions of people across the UK.

Combining his unique building experience, BSc (Hons) degree and excellent customer service together with his passion of putting different materials together to solve a problem for people, Jim has reduced noise for thousands of homes, over the last
decade, noise problems from noisy neighbours to soundproofed steam rooms.


Leading a small dedicated team with a love for helping people, high quality service and doing things right first time, Jim is on a mission to change building standards for sound insultation in the UK for future generations, so everyone can enjoy peace and quiet in their home

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Here are a few
of our clients success stories

“Thank you for transforming our home by removing the excessive noise from the adjoining house. The difference that it has made to us is terms of relaxation and subsequent pleasure is immense.

The standard of work and the methods you employ during the work to keep disruption to a minimum was appreciated and we would have no hesitation in singing your praises; quietly; now that we once again have the tranquillity of home… Thank you ”
Ray and Sarah, Warwick
"I hadn’t had any previous knowledge or experience regarding soundproofing, but I have to say Jim explained what needed to be done in great detail. I felt perfectly happy to leave my property for the time the work was being done, and I was kept updated of each stage of the process with photos via an app. I can’t fault the reliability and tidiness, and the whole experience was far less stressful than I anticipated. It’s not cheap but you only get what you pay for, and the improvement in your mental health to have your privacy back makes it well worth while. A very professional and caring company."
Mrs D, Warwickshire


The Noise Free Home

And discover the four-step soundproofing method to bringing peace and quiet back to your life.

For everyone to enjoy peace and quiet in their home

To change British building standards for sound insulation and make sure every house has a noise rating when it is sold.

We believe that as a leading sound insulation company it’s our responsibility to align our business processes and decision-making with sustainability most relevant to our business activities. The UN goals for sustainable development provides a framework for partnerships that contribute to worthy challenges and opportunities we face as a generation. We are proud to be supporting goal 7 and goal 12.

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Award winning soundproofing solutions

BUILD Architecture Award
Construction Engineering Award
Soundproofing Consultancy & Systems Manufacturer Award winner
Soundproofing award
Innovation & Excellence Award
best residential soundproofing solutions provider 2023 award
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