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Soundproofing solutions so you can stay in the home you love

Quietco is a multi award winning specialist consultant, manufacturer and installer of high quality soundproofing and sound reduction systems.

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Are any of these stopping you from living peacefully in your own home?

We understand that, many building designs and building materials, all too often do not take into consideration the potential for perceptible airborne and/or impact noise problems. As a result, people’s lives can be severely affected.

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Noisy neighbours

Boisterous children, noisy pets, and neighbours who like to play loud music can be a challenge for people wishing to live a quieter life.

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Environmental noise

Outside noise created by industry, noisy roads, railways or air traffic is a major contributor to noise pollution.

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Considerate noise makers

Keeping the noise in and not just out is often an objective for considerate noise makers wishing to soundproof a music room or a hobby workshop.

Our soundproofing solutions

We are able to combine our technical ‘know-how’ with our installation knowledge and skills to provide our clients with a full spectrum of award winning soundproofing applications, including; soundproofing party walls, ceilings, floors and room soundproofing.

A soundproofing investment with us will give you privacy in your home, feelings of wellbeing and you won’t ever think about moving again.

For the first time since I moved to this house, just over two years ago, I can truly relax. Thank You Guys.

Our unique 4 step soundproofing method

You too can have peace and quiet and stay in the home you love.

Here's how it works...

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1. Consultancy

Our experts will give you candid, honest advice about the most effective way to deal with your noise issue. Based on our knowledge of acoustics, building construction, materials and installation processes, we will provide you with the most appropriate solution.

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2. Design

We will not just apply noise reduction materials to your wall, ceiling or floor surfaces. Following a detailed survey of your home we will design a bespoke solution that will ensure your noise reduction problem is dealt with effectively.

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3. Manufacture

We use the latest approved, most efficient specialist soundproofing products to produce our range of systems. Our frame system is the most advanced, effective soundproofing system on the market, designed and developed exclusively by our own expert team.

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4. Installation

Our installation teams are highly skilled and pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you get the best possible result. Our service includes plumbing, electrical, plastering, carpentry, flooring, painting and decorating, we take care of everything if you like. And we leave your home spotless once we have finished the job.

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Here are a few
of our clients' success stories

“This has improved our way of life at home now and we are able to relax and not be disturbed all the time by the neighbours. We would definitely recommend this to anyone and we are really grateful to Jim and his team for helping us. Thanks guys”
Mr and Mrs S
"Overall we are very pleased with all the work done by Jim and his team our house is now a proper home that all the family can enjoy and relax in."
Mr & Mrs ‘N’, Oldbury

Why choose us for your soundproofing investment?

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BUILD Architecture Award
Innovation & Excellence Award
Construction Engineering Award

For everyone to enjoy peace and quiet in their home.

To change British building standards for sound insulation and make sure every house has a noise rating when it is sold.

"If you are in two minds on whether to soundproof your property do not hesitate as it’s completely changed our lives."
Mrs B
best residential soundproofing solutions provider 2023 award
Soundproofing award
Soundproofing Consultancy & Systems Manufacturer Award winner
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The Noise Free Home

And discover the four-step soundproofing method to bringing peace and quiet back to your life.

We believe that as a leading sound insulation company it’s our responsibility to align our business processes and decision-making with sustainability most relevant to our business activities. The UN goals for sustainable development provides a framework for partnerships that contribute to worthy challenges and opportunities we face as a generation. We are proud to be supporting goal 7 and goal 12.

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